MacroTrac became a division of Macro Plastics Inc in 2010.  Before then, Macro Plastics was solely known for their innovative plastic bins that were commonly used in the agricultural industry to harvest, store, and ship produce.  The success of the bins has allowed for continuous growth and has opened doors for the company to become involved in other markets.

So in 2010, Macro Plastics met with Rola-Trac UK owner Fergus Ardern to talk about his original plastic matting products.  Fergus had been successfully manufacturing and selling the products throughout Europe and various regions overseas via his company.  However, he had his limitations and was looking to find a trustworthy manufacturer that could introduce his matting products into more regions around the world.

Offering engineering expertise, consistent performance, and a track record of great customer service, Macro Plastics was the ideal partner to meet production demands and introduce the mats to the Americas.  Upon an agreement between Macro Plastics and Fergus, the MacroTrac division was created.




Fergus’ primary focus and source of success when the matting products initially came into existence was the military.  But since then we have taken advantage of other applications.  For the last 8 years, MacroTrac has been making a name for itself across the Americas in markets including (but not limited to): construction, events, oil and gas, utility, and military.  It is thanks to Fergus’ versatile designs that we are able to offer matting solutions to a wide range of buyers.

Each individual mat has a large scope of uses with designs that are unique in the flooring industry. Whether you need a walkway for a large event or a temporary road that can be driven on by a cement truck, we can provide the matting solutions that will satisfy your application.

With 8 years under our belt, we are excited to use what we’ve learned to grow and be better than we were yesterday!


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