IPL Macro™ has an ongoing commitment to offer growers innovative solutions that reduce food waste has led to a partnership with JMT US and the development of controlled atmosphere applications.

Controlled atmosphere has been used for decades to maintain the freshness and quality of produce for long-term storage by creating low oxygen conditions that reduce the respiration rate of stored fruits or vegetables. It is controlled atmosphere technology that allows for crisp, delicious apples nearly all year round.

Usually dedicated to the storage of apples, pears or kiwi fruit in large chambers, the controlled atmosphere technology is now available in bin-size containers.

Running in regular cold rooms and operative for a wide range of fruit and vegetables, controlled atmosphere bins work with an all-natural process: the stored products create their own CA conditions simply by breathing. Patented gas selective membranes regulate the O2 and CO2 rates inside the bins for optimal preservation. Not only is the process natural, but it also saves energy!

Brought together by their shared dedication to create innovative and sustainable agricultural products, IPL Macro™ and JMT US combined their respective expertise to develop the JMT CA Bin 730.

Using the IPL Macro™ Hybrid 44P-S “shipper bin”, and the JMT Lid 9, specifically designed by JMT US for our Hybrid bin, the controlled atmosphere shipper bin takes advantage of the natural CA preservation (no weight loss, more flexibility to speculate or sell on the best market segmentation) with our well-known shipper-friendly bins.

The controlled atmosphere conditions allow growers and shippers to maintain the highest quality possible out of their fruits or vegetables long-term while simultaneously reducing return freight thanks to our shipping optimized Hybrid bin.

The unprecedented combination of these features makes this new technology a new staple in the storage and shipment of fresh commodities.

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