IPL Macro™ has a dedicated testing facility where all products are put through a rigorous and comprehensive series of industry standard tests to insure the highest quality and safety of our products.

The following are the types of equipment and tests performed.

A 45,000 lb load capacity along with a state of the art computer control featuring high-resolution graphics allows the operator to easily test and record product performance based upon real world packaging conditions. Customized software offers statistical analysis and charting in additional to a variety of testing options: load at deflection, peak at deflection, peak at fallback, profile, static load and cyclic fatigue.
Several motion options and frequency ranges allowed by this vibration system to simulate the typical vibration a container can be expected to experience in the distribution environment assists product reliability testing.
Able to simulate a variety of hazards that product may experience during “normal” operator forklift handling.
Used to condition product to the temperature extremes that may be experienced in the field; thus, assisting in the evaluation of product performance under a series of loading and impact conditions.