IPL Macro™ utilizes years of experience and history to offer the best bulk plastic containers and totes for worldwide transportation in both the industrial and agricultural markets.

We have a wide range of containers and totes that are commonly utilized in agriculture – whether they are out in the field serving as bulk harvest bins, storing produce in cold storage, or delivering product as a returnable reusable container. Our premium bins have been engineered to be used as superior global shipping solutions, transporting contents to destinations all over the world. Our team of hardworking engineers optimize every one of our containers to be as strong and durable as possible while maintaining a low tare weight. The result is reduced shipping costs with better protection of your products!

Our shipper friendly harvest containers feature a unique foot design that allows them to interlock with the bins beneath them for secure and consistent stacking. All of our bins are also forklift compatible on each side, which when paired with the interlocking foot design, makes for easy-to-load, freight friendly containers.

Our revolutionary nesting containers allow for superior shipping efficiencies. By nesting inside one another when empty, return freight is drastically reduced. The smooth interior surfaces, rounded corners, and impact recoiling columns protect your delicate produce from damage during transit.

On the industrial side of the business we have collapsible containers developed to optimize shipping efficiencies and dramatically reduce shipping costs. With the capacity to contain goods ranging from automotive parts to consumer retail products, these collapsible containers are guaranteed to meet all of your international shipping and corporate sustainability goals.

Our containers are designed for reuse, created by a high-pressure injection molding process and made from polypropylene. Polypropylene is known for its fatigue resistance, confirmed by the extensive amount of product testing we do at IPL Macro™ to ensure that we are using the best materials and designs possible. Our 100% recyclable containers and totes ensure that at the end of their life you can feel confident these environmentally responsible products can be reground and the material will be used again!

With a diverse catalog of containers and almost three decades of experience, we are the go-to solution for shipping needs, whether domestic or international!

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