Introducing the New HYBRID 1012/1212 Bins!

New to the market in 2018, the Hybrid 1012 and 1212 are our most versatile bins ever. The Hybrid 1012 and 1212 are highly durable injection molded plastic bins that possess the ability to be used in a wide range of applications that include performing as a harvest, storage, handling, food processing, or shipping bin. Our company and its engineers have utilized nearly three decades of experience to design the first bins that are properly capable of taking on such a multitude of functions.

By designing unique column and feet inserts, our engineers have redefined what a “harvest” or “shipping” bin can do and how they perform – resulting in a “hybrid” bin that boasts the best of both worlds. The columns and feet are modular with the ability to be attached or removed. When removed, the bins nest into each other for economical shipping and storage. Rather than collapse, the Hybrid 1012 and 1212 maintain the rigidity that is key in making our agricultural containers perform at the highest level during demanding harvests. The bins share an impressive load capacity of over 1,000 pounds at tare weights of 65 pounds (1012) and 69.9 pounds (1212).

The Hybrid 1012 is the ideal bin for transporting goods globally with dimensions optimized for shipping. The bins achieve greater shipping efficiencies with their ability to nest inside each other. A farmer would be able to assemble the bins on-site, use them during harvest, ship anywhere in the world to their vendors, and have the bins sent back to them in the nested configuration. The Hybrid 1212 will be delivered nested, greatly reducing the cost of delivery. Once fully assembled with the columns and feet, the Hybrid 1212 is the ultimate robust bin, ready for handling, storage, and harvest applications.

Made of virgin polypropylene plastic, the 1012 and 1212 are long lasting and durable with smooth, soft surfaces to protect produce from bruising. Additionally, the bins are tapered, which prevents them from crashing against the walls of any adjacent bins, creating a “Bruise Buffer Zone”. The new column design works to protect the containers by absorbing and recoiling impact rather than resisting the blow and breaking. When stacked with their columns and feet locked into place, the bins no longer nest into each other. Instead, they are secured by our interlocking foot design, perfectly settling on top of each other so that contents remain unharmed. To better preserve produce, the Hybrid 1012 and 1212 have 10% more ventilation for increased airflow and faster cooling.

Our Hybrid 1012 & 1212 Bins

Hybrid 1012
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