IPL Macro™ employs a unique insight gained from over three decades of manufacturing bulk plastic containers to provide ideal solutions for worldwide supply chain needs. Our team of experts have designed and built automotive containers to meet all of your international shipping and corporate sustainability goals.

Applications - Automotive Bins in Metal Crate

The expanding global automotive industry has made cost-effective shipping bins more critical than ever! Our engineers have designed state of the art collapsible automotive containers that were developed to optimize shipping efficiencies and dramatically reduce shipping costs. The high capacity, yet light tare weight, containers maximize auto parts volume in each shipment. The patented triple wall base is durable and impact-resistant offering superior part protection. Advanced dunnage fasteners allow for the connection of custom dunnage that can further protect your product during transit.

Our bins are designed to be durable, so they can be reused for many years. When they reach the end of their life, they are easily recyclable as they contain only 100% polypropylene. Many other folding bins contain pins, springs and internal structures for rigidity. Our single material construction means no dismantling is necessary to recycle our bins and recover the valuable polypropylene to be used again. By incorporating our bins in your daily operation, you can be comfortable knowing your company is using environmentally responsible products in your supply chain.

Our automotive containers are easy to handle and safer to stack than wood, corrugate or metal alternatives. They feature universal reach through latches and replaceable pallet straps in both European and North American configurations for greater ease of use and a drastic reduction in repair costs.

IPL Macro™ has teamed up with the world’s top 3PL providers to offer seamless integration of our automotive bins into your global supply chain. We will work directly with your 3PL provider to determine the most cost-effective use of our bins, while they will handle the logistics to efficiently move your parts and products around the globe. Whether you’re looking for a specialty international shipping bin that perfectly cubes out a sea container or our container designed for maximizing your domestic shipping, our automotive bins are the perfect solution!

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