Why IPL Macro™ is a Great Place to Work

It has been said that trust among managers and employees is the major attribute of the best workplaces. At the core of identifying a great place to work (one where employees trust one another, take pride in their accomplishments, and enjoy their co-workers) is the concept that a great workplace is determined by the condition of three, interrelated associations that are present there:

  • The association between employees and leadership.

  • The association between employees and their jobs.

  • The association between employees and their co-workers.

Now that’s a great place to work!

So what makes IPL Macro™ a great place to work? And why are there employees still here after 10+ years? When asked by its employees, the responses were in alignment with the above. Here are just a few of the responses:

“An open/honest environment with respectful co-workers”

“Making a great product led by a supportive team of dedicated people with integrity”

“Strong leadership team that displays not only concern for their employees but also the community around them.”

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