It may be easy to walk by your produce section without giving it much thought, but a lot of work goes into delivering fresh, ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables to your local grocery store.

In order to harvest, sort, pack, and ship fresh produce around the globe, everything has to be done in a safe but timely manner.  Macro Plastics offers a variety of vented and solid wall plastic containers that are ideal for harvesting and processing produce by increasing productivity as well as food safety.

Every product we make is manufactured with FDA-approved materials, certified safe for use with food products.  Our bins are made of high quality virgin polypropylene, a type of plastic known for its impressive flexible strength and durability.  Its vigor has been confirmed by the extensive amount of product testing we do at Macro Plastics that ensures we are using the best materials and designs possible.

 Our bins are carefully constructed to avert warping or failure when filled with liquids or dense materials.  Using high quality materials is extremely important in creating a bin that will experience longevity whether it’s in the field during harvest, being transported, or at the sorting facility getting knocked around by forklifts and machines.

When it comes to food processing, plastic is superior to metal and wood.  It is more cost-effective than using stainless steel containers and is simpler to handle because of its lighter weight.  Wood is less durable and more likely to result in health standard complications – it requires more effort to clean and is commonly affected by termites and bacteria.  Additionally, the rough surfaces of wood bins can cause splinters that contaminate the food product and make handling the bins a hassle for workers.

Aplicaciones - Cajones de procesamiento de alimentos con uvas rojas | MacroPlasticsSanitation is of the highest importance when handling food.  Our bins are exceptionally easy to clean, making it simple to maintain high sanitation standards with less effort and time. This greatly improves the ability to comply with HACCP requirements.  It dries off quickly after rinsing so that it’s ready to go back to work.

The material we use for our containers, polypropylene, is non-porous.  Water and chemicals are prevented from being drawn into the plastic, blocking contaminants from entering the container.  Wood containers often require extra liners to prevent contamination from splinters or bacteria but our plastic bins are easily cleaned and do not splinter.  Not only are our high pressure injection-molded plastic bins splinter resistant, but they also come in a light ivory color (unless noted otherwise), resulting in more successful and efficient detection of contaminants.

All of our bins are stackable (with the exception of the ComboPro), utilizing an interlocking foot design to create straighter, higher, and more secure columns – even when fully loaded with a commodity. The bins are also forklift compatible from all four sides, allowing for easier handling.

Our durable bins can be reused for many years. When they reach the end of their life, they are easily recyclable as they contain only 100% polypropylene. By incorporating our bins in your daily operation, you can be comfortable knowing your company is using environmentally responsible products in your supply chain. Macro Plastic containers work to increase efficiency and cleanliness so that produce arrives at grocery stores ready for purchase!