History & Vision

20 Years of Innovation

History & Vision 2017-04-14T02:27:36+00:00

Macro Plastics has been driven by a spirit of innovation since the late 80’s when MacroBins were first introduced to the wine and stone fruit markets of California. The tremendous advantages of using plastic bins over traditional wood bins were immediately evident; growers and food processors alike began using MacroBins for better durability, sanitation, and productivity.

With a continuing vision to expand through innovative products, better services, and diversified markets, Macro Plastics commitment to global leadership in returnable and reusable plastic containers has been evident through unprecedented growth in the agricultural, food processing, retail and industrial markets. In addition to operating three extremely efficient manufacturing facilities in the United States, with some of the largest high-pressure injection molding presses in North America, Macro Plastics has manufacturing facilities, design teams, and a global direct sales force operating in key markets worldwide.