You may know about our popular agricultural and industrial returnable trip packaging containers, but are you aware that we also have a line of MacroLids to accompany some of our most popular bins?

Manufactured with the same plastic and high-pressure injection molding process as the MacroBin and ProBin family of products, MacroLids are durable and resist warping. They are made to protect your produce and reduce the risk of contamination – one of the greatest concerns during food processing. They fit securely and remove easily for quick product coverage or access.

Our bins are known for their ability to stack with great stability thanks to a unique interlocking foot design. The MacroLids utilize the same design to allow for equally adept stacks when incorporating the lids. When they’re not being used, the MacroLids nest within one another for easy storage.




We use FDA-approved materials to make our lids that are certified safe for use with food products. Nonporous surfaces won’t absorb water or dehydrate your product, thus maintaining a constant tare weight throughout their use. Our bins and lids are easy to sanitize, keeping cleaning costs to a minimum.

MacroLids are available in four different sizes:

  • The MacroLid 48 is compatible with any 48 series bin, eliminating the need for expensive liners.
  • The MacroLid 26 fits securely on any 26 series bin for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • The MacroLid 16-24 is designed with flanged sides specifically for the 16 and 24 series bins.
  • The MacroLid 44 – Air & Watertight Lid gives the Hybrid 44 bin an airtight seal that prevents entry or exit of air and liquids for ideal storage conditions.


Visit our MacroLid product page on our website here.