When Macro Plastics first came into existence, the company made its mark with its first innovative plastic bin – the MacroBin. Prior to that, the standard harvest container was the wood bin.

Prima Frutta Packing has been a customer of ours since 1990.  When asked about the addition of MacroBins since then, president Tim Sambado said “We’ve added apple bins over the last 20 years and still have some of the original 1990s in the mix… we first anticipated 20 years out of them and we are getting more than that in many cases”

There’s no comparing the durability of wood bins to our carefully designed plastic MacroBins, which go through extensive testing by our team of engineers.  Our bins are impact and UV resistant, meaning less damages from forklift mishaps and deterioration when stored outside.

Like all of our products, the MacroBins are manufactured in-house, with an attentive eye to detail.  Macro Plastics employs extensive product testing to ensure that all materials and designs used are ideal for producing the best products possible.  Our containers are designed for reuse, made with virgin polypropylene plastic in a high pressure injection molding process.  They are also 100% recyclable, meaning our customers receive long lasting products that can be re-used an the end of their life.



The MacroBin family is  known for the advantages they  provide in strength, ease of handling, and longevity.  These key benefits make them viable as shipping solutions, allowing produce to travel safely from the farm to its consumers.

On a recent visit to the grower owned cooperative, Pacific Coast Producers, Steve Freeman (Vice President of Field Operations) shared with us some of the main benefits that he sees in using our bins during harvest.  He mentioned that there’s a much greater ease of use for the growers with no splinters or moving around in the field.  Everything they do is on a gross pound basis, meaning they pay truckers and cold storages by the gross pound.

Since the MacroBins they own weigh 40-45 pounds less than a wood bin, they can haul 50 bins per load compared to 44 wood bins from the tare difference alone.  Additionally, the weights of wood bins vary based on its build, saturation, and broken or missing parts.  Pacific Coast Producers pay their growers and pickers by the weight of produce collected in a bin, so it’s not fair to set a standard bin weight when there’s such an inconsistency.

Many products require cooling. With ventilation slots placed around the entire surface, the MacroBins are optimized for quicker cooling and constant air flow.  The careful designs of MacroBins also allows for bins to be stacked in perfect lines, making it easy to leave uniform space between stacks for better air flow.  The bins are equipped with unique feet that interlock to the bin below it, creating reliable columns of bins that are uniform and straight.  Smooth, round corners and sides reduce the damage to fruit, increasing the yield of your harvest.

With all the benefits of the MacroBin, why would you want to use anything else during your harvest?  You can check out all of our MacroBin products here.