OEM’s rely upon one trip expendable packaging throughout their intercontinental supply chains simply because they view it as the easy and best cost option.

Their view is that it is much easier to use expendable options to ship components from one of their plants to another and create vast quantities of waste.

This is viewed as any easy option because it doesn’t require the need for internal international communication.

We are keen to understand if the OEM’s and Tier Suppliers know their internal intercontinental routes which have return options?

By simply creating a returnable loop within your global supply chain, you remove the need for expendable packaging.

This significantly reduces your costs and the amount of waste you are creating, which in turn reduces the cost of disposing of expendable packaging.

Consolidating your packaging needs through simple, effective communication can deliver a series of efficiencies. Taking the time to understand your global footprint and plotting where you can create returnable loops will allow you to reduce the waste you create.

Those in the automotive supply chain using expendable packaging ought to be embarrassed of being a waste expert.

There is no reason not to consider returnable options at a time when the costs of a returnable plastic bin far outweigh that of expendable alternatives. If you then consider the pack density of returnable solutions, Tier Suppliers can ship more with less when using a returnable solution.

As the pressure to reduce waste and single use plastic heightens, why are suppliers still purchasing vast quantities of packaging materials that are going straight int the bin?