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MacroTote 6-FV

Features & Benefits

  • Patented, single-piece, injection-molded design
  • Rounded corners and smooth surfaces
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Underside “swamp” grips
  • Over 400 air vents in the sides and base
  • Reinforced side walls for equal load distribution
  • Interlocking base and top rims when stacked
  • Nonporous, easy-to-clean surfaces
  • FDA-approved materials

Partial List of Applications

  • Agriculture
  • Grapes
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External Dimensions: 20″ (L) x 16″ (W) x 6.5″ (H)
Internal Dimension: 18.98″ (L) x 14.95″ (W) x 6.42″ (H)
Load Capacity: 28 lbs
Volume Capacity: 1,700 cubic inches
Tare Weight: 1.8 lbs
Maximum Stack Weight: 1,193 lbs
External Dimensions: 508 mm (L) x 406.4 mm (W) x 165.1 mm (H)
Internal Dimension: 482.13 mm (L) x 379.63 mm (W) x 163.1 mm (H)
Load Capacity: 12.7 kg
Volume Capacity: 27,858 cubic cm
Tare Weight: .82 kg
Maximum Stack Weight: 541.14 kg

Why Plastics?

Plastics improve product quality with better storage conditions and faster cooling for produce.

Why Reusable?

Reusable containers create tremendous environmental advantages by conserving materials and resources, reducing waste, and lowering packaging costs.


All bins are ivory unless noted otherwise. Other bin colors are available at an additional cost. All bins are available with foil embossing at an additional cost. Dimensions assume tolerance of 1/8″ or 3 mm. Cubic capacities assume tolerance of 5% and tare weights assume tolerance of 4% unless noted otherwise. Maximum Stack Weight = (weight of bin contents + tare weight of bin) x number of bins in stack. Stack weights also influenced by length of storage and temperature; a = long term, ambient temperature; b = short term, ambient temperature (1 month or less); c = long term, cold storage (0º F to 35º F or -17ºC to 2º C). Ambient temperature approximately equal to 75º F (23.9º C) . Please contact Macro Plastics if storage temperature is below 0º F (-17º C).Please refer to the MacroBin User Guide for information on the safe transportation, stacking and handling of MacroBins. Click here for the latest version of the User Guide. Data is subject to change. Confirm with specification sheets.

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Blueberries, Cherries, Cranberries

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