When Macro Plastics first came into existence, the company made its mark with innovative plastic bins to be used in agriculture.  Today, Macro Plastics is an industry leader in agricultural bins as well as much more.  With a continuing vision to expand through original products, better services, and diversified markets, Macro Plastics commitment to global leadership in returnable and reusable plastic containers has been evident through unprecedented growth in the agricultural, food processing, retail and industrial markets.

Macro Plastics has experienced extraordinary progress in the industrial market thanks to our collapsible containers, designed to be efficient shipping solutions.  When erect, these bins deliver a load capacity of 2,000 pounds.  They possess the capacity to contain goods ranging from automotive parts to consumer retail products.  Furthermore, they have been engineered for optimal shipping dimensions whether they are collapsed or fully assembled – dramatically reducing shipping costs.


hybrid 1012 & 1212 Bins in WarehouseOur harvest containers are known for the advantages they provide in strength, ease of handling, and longevity.  These key benefits make them viable as shipping solutions, allowing produce to travel safely from the farm to its consumers.

All of our bins are forklift compatible so that they can be easily loaded onto a truck or sea container. Additionally, our bins feature a unique foot design that enables them to securely lodge onto the bin below for safe and consistent stacking.

As seen in the photo, the bins sit on top of each other.  The interlocking feet prevent them from dislodging and crushing the contents of the container beneath them.


Our engineers are constantly striving to improve upon their designs to create groundbreaking containers that enable customers to do more with their plastic containers.  With this incentive towards innovation, our nesting containers were created.  By nesting inside another when empty, return freight is drastically reduced.  These nesting containers include the Hybrid 1012 & 1212, the newest Macro Plastics’ products, which use modular feet and columns to provide the option to nest or stack. They boast the durability of a harvest container and partner that with the ability to nest into each other to yield our most versatile bins ever.

All of our products are manufactured in-house, with an attentive eye to detail.  Macro Plastics employs extensive product testing to ensure that all materials and designs used are ideal for producing the best products possible.  Our containers are designed for reuse, made with virgin polypropylene plastic in a high pressure injection molding process.  Our containers and totes are 100% recyclable, meaning our customers receive long lasting products that can be re-used an the end of their life!