Macro has taken the popular MacroBin 32, commonly used as a harvest container for apples, peppers and avocados, and incorporated new technology to create the brand new MacroBin 32NG (New Generation). The MacroBin 32NG takes what made the original MacroBin 32 one of Macro’s most viable harvest containers and utilizes an updated design to make it more effective and durable.

Macro Plastics began in 1988 with its plastic container – the MacroBin. Prior to the MacroBin, the standard harvest container was the wood bin. The MacroBin 32NG features newly engineered reinforced columns and  feet that improve impact resistance to reduce damage during tough harvests. An original cross pattern design in the base further reduces damage by decreasing base line deflection.


The MacroBin 32NG will be offered to growers in fully-vented and solid configurations. Drain holes have been added to the rim for easier and quicker drainage. When empty, three bins can nest in the space of two in a “clam shell” formation for greater return-trip shipping efficiency and storage capacity. Shipping and storage is further optimized with a unique interlocking foot design that allows the bins to securely stack in a straight line. The injection molded, splinter-resistant plastic containers are manufactured with FDA-approved materials, and the smooth surfaces and rounded corners will help reduce damage and abrasions that can be caused by wood bins.

Committed to reducing their impact on the environment, Macro Plastics offers 100% recyclable packaging. Macro strives to recover all their products at the end of their life, so they can be recycled and turned into other products and your investment has a high residual value.

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