Even in its inception, Macro Plastics has aimed to be a sustainable company by offering responsible harvest storage solutions to the agricultural industry.  Since then, we have grown and expanded our product line with new applications that have pushed us into various industries and parts of the world.  But even as we’ve grown, the objective has remained the same: provide high-quality, durable products that will be used time and time again.

In late 2018 we made a visit to our Lima, Peru based customer KeyPeru to hear about their experience so far with Macro Plastics.  KeyPeru produces, distributes, and exports sweet onion, squash, fruits, and vegetables to foreign markets.  We learned that they have reduced onion discard from 15% using sacs to less than 5% using our Hybrid bins!

This is a significant reduction in product discard that translates into a substantial improvement in efficiency, which benefits both the company and the environment.

KeyPeru was kind enough to let us film a testimonial video during our visit.  Give it a watch to see what KeyPeru CEO, Miguel Ognio, and production manager, Gloria Abarca, had to say about their experience since making the switch to Macro Plastic bins!