A returnable packaging solution, like the EuroBin, allows for the transportation of more parts per container in comparison to traditional packaging materials such as metal stillages, cardboard and expendable plastic. The EuroBin’s footprint has been designed to optimize an EU Mega Trailer, allowing for the shipment of 130 EuroBin 597 and 78 EuroBin 980 full per trip.

As a result Tier Suppliers and OEMs can reduce the amount of empty space per container and ship more parts. This reduces costs and carbon emissions created by reducing the number of containers and trips into OEMs.

A further benefit of using the EuroBin for the inbound supply chain is it will allow you to move more components using a smaller pool. Resulting in reduced capital expenditure and requiring fewer journeys. Removing journeys from the supply chain reduces expenditure in transport and carbon emissions – creating a more sustainable operation.

Reduce Handling Requirements

A smaller pool of returnable bins means less people to handle and unpack parts which reduces handling costs. Removing handling processes also reduces the risk of damage therefore creating a more efficient process.

Parts may only be handled twice between a supplier and being placed in a vehicle as the EuroBin can be used lineside. A component will be placed into the EuroBin by the Tier Supplier and only touched again when be taken out of the bin at lineside before being placed on the vehicle.

Reduce Internal Milk Runs

The inter stackability and standardization of returnable packaging bins will reduce the quantity and costs attached to inbound milk runs.

A further reduction of carbon emissions through being able to safely and securely move more bins per trip when moving parts around the plant to the line.

OEMs tend to use a number of packaging solutions and materials for particular parts which creates additional handling process and significantly reduces the quantity of parts per trip. Standardizing your packaging with a single solution such as the EuroBin with a 900kg weight capacity allows you to move light and heavy components without the need for multiple materials. This allows you to stack more bins per inbound milk run, removing unnecessary trips around the plant.

In conclusion, introducing an intelligent returnable solution like the EuroBin will increase the capacity and pack density on inbound journeys in the automotive supply chain therefore reducing costs and carbon emissions while improving efficiencies.