IPL Macro EuroBin delivers unrivalled efficiencies and cost savings on return journeys in the automotive supply chain for OEMs, Tier Suppliers and LLPs.

Introducing foldable plastic returnable bins into your supply chain, replacing rigid plastic bins or steel stillages, will enable you to significantly reduce the costs of shipping and storing empty bins.


Reduce Carbon Emissions on Return Journeys

Up to 40% payload on return journeys can be taken up by empty packaging which has a significant impact on CO2 emissions for each journey.

You can maximise the payload with lightweight foldable plastic bins such as the EuroBin instead of using heavy packaging such as steel.

By returning 260 foldable plastic EuroBins, the full weight on a trailer is only 13,500 kilos. If you were to transport the same quantity of metal stillages, the weight of the trailer would 23,400 kilos which isn’t viable.

Using plastic foldable bins, you are reducing the weight by 10,000 kilos per trip therefore significantly reducing carbon footprint, tyre wear and diesel costs.

OEMs and Tier Suppliers are spending money on transporting fresh air, wasting valuable space when being shipped back to a Tier Supplier. Equally, valuable storage space is being wasted too.

IPL Macro EuroBins can be safely and securely stacked 10 high when folded on the back of a European mega trailer. The interlocking design ensures there is a reduced risk of falling or collapsing.

Having the ability to utilise space in this way removes unnecessary outbound trips from OEM plants which reduces the emissions generated in your supply chain operation. By transporting more bins per trip, you require less trucks and in turn reduce the fossil fuels generated.




Remove Waste from your Supply Chain

After emptying a EuroBin with a returnable dunnage collar of component parts at the lineside there is no wasted material to handle or dispose of.

Integrating a dunnage collar into the design of the EuroBin saves time and expense of purchasing and installing single use dunnage.

Therefore, you aren’t creating waste that needs to be handled and disposed of outside of the plant which are all additional costs.

Removing waste from this process helps to reduce the costs associated with a finished vehicle whilst creating a more sustainable supply chain.

By introducing a returnable packaging solution like the IPL Macro EuroBin, OEMs Tier Suppliers and LLPs can realise cost down opportunities and sustainable benefits on return journeys as well as inbound trips when shipping parts.