At Macro Plastics creating reusable and durable products that help provide our customers with more sustainable packaging solutions is very important. However, we recognize that few things last forever, so we are very passionate about plastics recycling and reducing our impact on the environment. While our products are designed to be robust and long lasting, one day they will reach the end of their useful life. When this day comes, our bin buy-back program helps keep them out of the landfill and extends the life of the materials we use.

Most Macro products are made of solid polypropylene plastic and weigh on average 80 lbs. This makes our products ideal to recycle. To ensure this, we buy-back Macro made products and reuse the material in new production. We buy the bins or
MacroTrac panels back at fair market prices and regrind them. The regrind is cleaned to remove dirt, rocks and debris before being turned into new products.

Most of our recycled resin is used in the feet that go on the bottom of our bins. Because of the long-lasting nature of our products, we only get a small percentage back each year. Help us expand our recycling program by contacting customer service today to find out how you can recycle your bins too!

We love to find new ways we can be better stewards of this earth in our everyday lives. No effort is too small! If you’re looking for more ways that you too can make a positive impact there are many companies and non-profits out there that are doing their part to combat disposal issues.

Terracycle ( strives to eliminate waste by recycling the “non-recyclable” products we normally throw in the landfill. Their easy to use boxes allow customers to collect their waste and send it back to Terracycle for recycling. They incentivize customers by turning pounds of waste into donation dollars that each participant gets to allocate to charities of their choice. So far, they have diverted over 4 billion pounds of waste from the landfill!

The Plastic Bank (  is a global non-profit that incentivizes people to collect plastic waste in exchange for above-market rates. They operate in poverty stricken regions that have been hit the hardest with the plastic crisis. They call this collected and processed resin “Social Plastic” and sell it around the world to manufacturers.

As we have been expanding our own recycling program it is apparent that small steps can lead to a cleaner future with less waste issues. Do your part today! #AmericaRecyclesDay