Macro Plastics has been working closely with Tri-Wall to integrate expendable cardboard packaging into our plastic foldable returnable bins such as the ISOBin and the innovative EuroBin 1210.

Our global partnership focuses on developing packaging solutions that reduce costs, emissions and damages for our OEM and tier supplier clients in the global automotive industry.

We were joint sponsors with Tri-Wall of the Automotive Logistics Europe Conference 2018 in Bonn 13th– 14th June.

Over the course of the conference, we demonstrated how we have integrated Tri-Wall’s expendable packaging innovations into the Macro Plastic returnable bins.

Tri-Wall has worked on a series of projects with us to design packaging to transport a wide variety of components

While Tri-Wall’s specialty is to provide well-engineered, bespoke packaging solutions for its customers, standardised products are an integral part of its product offering. Their core competence is finding unique and innovative designs for packaging solutions to optimize pack density and maximise container volumes. This in turn generates cost savings for our customers and the emissions omitted during transportation.



Macro Plastics and Tri-Wall’s aims are closely aligned, which provides an ideal platform to combine our expertise to deliver the best possible packaging and supply chain solutions to our clients.

At Macro Plastics, we strive to improve the efficiency of our clients’ supply chain through optimizing space at each stage of the supply chain from storage through to transit. Through Tri-Wall’s expertise, we are able to optimize the space in our plastic returnable bins to ensure that the maximum amount of product can be stored without comprising the safety and quality of the contents.

Maximizing the space in the bins themselves and the space taken up by the bins when stacked and in transit reduces the clients costs whilst reducing their carbon footprint. The environmental impact of the automotive is high on the agenda and using plastic returnable bins removes the need to use large quantities of expendable packaging and significantly reduce the number of trucks required to transport components.

We greatly enjoyed meeting delegates at the Automotive Logistics Conference in June that wanted to know more about how our partnership can help them improve their supply chain and logistics operation.