Revolutionizing the Return Journey

 The EuroBin Series of returnable plastic bins offer a robust capacity of 900 kilos, eliminating nearly any benefit to steel stillages in the automotive supply chain.

Steel stillages can weigh upwards of 280kg, in comparison to the EuroBin tare weight of only 51kg. This weight reduction delivers 5000-7000 kg of additional tare weight capacity in trailers, enabling the supply chain to ship considerably more parts per trailer, thus reducing transporation costs.

In addition to tare weight reductions, EuroBins fold down with a 3:1 return ratio, cutting return transportation costs and carbon emissions by 66%.

Reduce Maintenance and Repair Costs

The EuroBin Series of returnable plastic bins are engineered with an industry exclusive modular design, replaceable fork straps, drop doors, and sidewalls. Laboratory testing and years of industry use have proven that EuroBin delivers the most robust plastic bin, lowest total cost of ownership, and lowest repair rates in the automotive supply chain.

By contrast, steel packaging is labor intensive and expensive to repair because it has to be done offsite. Offsite repair leads to a prolonged periods of time spent outside of the supply chain, a depleted pool, and additional costs.

What does this mean for electrification?

With the proliferation of hybrid and electric vehicles, the complexity and overall weight of parts has been greatly reduced. Now, more than ever, it is important to consider the type of returnable packaging used in the supply chain.

Using EuroBin to ship light components helps OEMs to amplify the benefits of environmentally conscious vehicles being introduced worldwide. Steel is no longer a viable option to ship parts for electric vehicles due to heavier tare weights, 1:1 return ratio, expensive repair rates, and negative environmental impact.

Reduce the risk of Financial Penalties

As governments have begun to introduce financial penalties related to the generation of carbon emissions, it is becoming increasingly more important to select environmentally responsible packaging solutions in the automotive supply chain.