EuroBin Extended Length

IPL Macro recently launched a series of fabricated Extended Length EuroBins. The new extended length option provides OEM’s and Tier suppliers with a returnable packaging application designed for larger components.

Macro listened to OEMs, Tier Suppliers, and LLP’s to develop a product line that fits seamlessly into their supply chain. The Extended Length series helps to transport larger quantities of components and reduce their packaging and transportation costs. This makes handling easier and reduces the carbon emissions created when using metal stillages and racks.

Lower Emissions

The fabricated Extended Length EuroBin series is adaptable to products that are 1000mm to 1800mm long with a weight capacity of 600kgs. Besides the length and weight capacity, specifications of the EuroBin Extended Length are the same as the standard EuroBin. Therefore, sharing common components, handling benefits, and environmental efficiencies. For efficient return transportation, the bins can be stacked folded 10 high in a Euro Mega Trailer. This efficiency removes empty miles from the supply chain, reducing costs and carbon emissions.

The European Automotive Supply Chain will benefit from big savings in emissions by using the Extended Length bins. For example, a 1200mm X 1600mm folding metal stillage weighs 130kgs, compared to the Extended Length EuroBin with the same dimensions at 78kgs, saving 52 kgs per bin. Therefore, a truck full of (160) 1200mm X 1600mm folded bins reduces 8,320 kgs contributing to lower emissions!

Customizable with Better Protection

Macro can tailor the length of EuroBin to meet specific client requirements on a case by case basis. The returnable bins are also 100% recyclable at the end of product life. EuroBin Extended Length provides better protection in comparison to steel racks. Components can be safely stored outside without the risk of rust or damage. Therefore, reducing the potential for additional costs.

Extended EuroBins have passed EN13626 and ASTM tests at TUV-Sud, an accredited independent test laboratory. Testing ensures safe applications used across the automotive supply chain.