Hybrid Bin Family

Responding to requests from growers and international shippers, the Hybrid Bin family of products are revolutionary. The Hybrid 44 Wood Series is designed with a plastic bin fixed within a lean wood frame for structural support. This alternative to wood crates is designed to offer all the benefits of carrying your product in a plastic bin, carefully and hygienically protecting the fruits, vegetables, and other products stored inside, but with the cost advantages of wood.

The Hybrid 44 Plastic Series, or “Shipper Bin” as it is called, is designed with the same basket and frame configuration, however all the pieces are manufactured with 100% injection-molded plastic, making it ultra-lightweight and ideal for international shipments in sea containers. The plastic pieces in the Shipper Bin are easy to disassemble and can then be nested and stacked to maximize global shipping efficiencies with an unmatched 4.7 to 1 return ratio.

hybrid-bin family Hybrid 44 Plastic Series


Hybrid 44 Wood Series

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