With supply chain costs at record levels and increasing, there hasn’t been a more pertinent time to review your spend at each stage of your supply chain and logistics operation. Taking a closer look at your packaging may help you make considerable savings.

Introducing the EuroBin Extended Length into your supply chain provides you with a 600 kg capacity foldable plastic bin that helps to significantly reduce the shipping costs of large parts and components.

Reduce fuel costs with Lightweight Packaging

As fuel costs are increasing at a rapid pace, it is essential that automotive OEMs and Tier Suppliers review packaging to reduce weight from each trip, reducing the quantity of fuel required.

Replacing heavy weight packaging such as steel stillages and racking with light weight plastic returnable bins will reduce the tare weight by an estimated 3,000-5,000 kgs

Taking such a significant amount of weight off each trip will have a direct reduction in the quantity of fuel needed and, therefore, reduce your spend on fuel during a time of unprecedented price increases.

If you scale this up to the hundreds of journeys per week, both inbound and outbound journeys, you will be making savings in the region of hundreds of thousands of Euros.

There is also a sustainability benefit by taking weight off the road. By reducing the fuel required you will be reducing the carbon emissions created too.

Reducing Storage Space = Saving Money

Space also comes at a cost at various stages of the supply chain. Wouldn’t you like to reduce the space required when shipping empty returnable packaging AND while storing your packaging containers?

Introducing a foldable and stackable plastic bin will enable you to ship more empty bins back to Tier Suppliers, therefore reducing the number of trips required. The EuroBin Extended Length can be safely stacked 10 high when folded.

When in storage, EuroBin Extended Length can be stacked 20 high, requiring less floor space in comparison to metal alternatives.