Return Guidelines

Please follow these simple instructions to expedite the return process:

  • Products must be completely clean and free of dirt, debris, labels, metal objects, organic material and not exposed to hazardous or toxic substances. Please see the step-by-step cleaning process for guidelines
  • Separate products by bin material. MacroBins made of polypropylene material are marked with a PP. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) bins are not marked.
  • MacroLids should be separated from all other Macro Plastics™ products, stacked on top of a pallet and secured properly for transportation.
  • Once ready for shipment, MacroBins with feet should be properly stacked and secured according to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations ( MacroBins with compromised structural integrity or missing feet should not be stacked or used to store replacement feet).
  • To maximize capacity, extra replacement feet should be sorted by color and stored within the stacked MacroBins.
  • All products must be owned by the returning company.


Any guideline not followed may result in bins being returned by Macro Plastics to the customer at their own expense.

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