MacroBins require little maintenance, particularly when compared with the maintenance of wood bins. High-pressure, injection-molded HDPE and PP are tough, resilient materials that will withstand a great deal of use, provided that they are not abused.

Repair of Damaged Panels

MacroBins can be repaired utilizing a hot air welder and plastic welding rod. The plastic welding rod must be compatible with the resin the bin is molded from. For welding rod that is compatible with your MacroBin, hot air welding equipment, and instructions related to bin repair, contact your Sales Representative or the Technical Services Department at (800) 845-6555.


HDPE MacroBins can be cleaned using high-pressure washers and chlorine sanitizers. No detergents of any kind should be used to clean HDPE bins as stress cracking may result from their use. PP MacroBins can be cleaned with high-pressure washers as well as detergents. Steam cleaners should never be used to clean MacroBins.

Foot Replacement

Feet on all models of MacroBins are replaceable. In the event of severe damage or extreme wear the foot can be replaced by the user. The feet on MacroBins are not designed to be easily removed. Care must be taken not to damage the bin body when replacing the foot. The easiest method for removing damaged feet is to drill out the foot attachment lugs with a 7/8″ paddle drill bit. This will remove the lugs and allow the foot to be easily removed from the bin. Care must be taken not to damage the hole in the MacroBin body when drilling out the lugs.

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