Safe Use of MacroBins

MacroBins have been designed for the harvesting, transportation, and storage of fruit, vegetables, and other types of agricultural products. All MacroBins are molded from materials that have been tested and are in compliance with FDA guidelines for food contact. MacroBins can also be used to transport or store non-agricultural contents as long as design specifications are adhered to.

MacroBins must be used in accordance with design specifications that are outlined on the product specification sheets published for each bin model. Product specification sheets are available from Macro Plastics Sales Representatives, the Technical Services Department, or on this website and should be fully reviewed before MacroBins are used.

The following must be observed:

  • Older solid MacroBins molded from HDPE are not suitable for liquid storage. Solid bins molded from PP can be used for liquid storage.
  • When storing materials other than agricultural commodities, when treating commodities stored in MacroBins, or when cleaning or sanitizing MacroBins, the resistance of HDPE or PP to degradation due to contact with these chemicals should be reviewed. This should be done by contacting your Sales Representative or the Technical Services Department. If there is any doubt as to the suitability of chemicals used on MacroBins, testing should be completed to ensure the MacroBins will not be damaged from long-term contact with the chemical in question.
  • Heavy objects should not be dropped onto the floor of the bin as they could damage the bin floor.
  • Holes should not be drilled in the bins as any modification to MacroBins will void the warranty and may negatively impact the structural integrity of the bins.
  • MacroBins with damage to the corner post should be taken out of service and recycled.
  • MacroBin stacks must not be pushed over or off of trucks onto hard surfaces such as concrete.
  • MacroBins should be periodically inspected for structural damage to the corner posts and upper ribs. This is very important in applications where Macrobins are stacked, as the corner posts bear most of the load. Any cuts or cracks that damage the interior support ribs of the corner posts may cause structural failure in a stack. MacroBins found in this condition should be recycled.

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